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Welcome to Gators Basketball

Basketball is the third of five LSAA school sanctioned sports where leagues are set up for other middle & junior high schools to compete against one and other.  The basketball season starts up in mid Novemeber, shortly after the Volleyball season finishes.  LSAA City Championships usually bring the Basketball season to a close in early February.

G.S. Lakie offers Basketball programs at three different levels.  At the beginning of each season, there is an open invite for any and all interested students at all three grade levels to come and try out in what we call "ID Camps".  This will give all of our Basketball coaches a chance to look at all the students and then begin to sort them into the three different levels.  It is important to note that ANY student, no matter what their ability or skill level, will have a chance to participate in Basketball at G.S. Lakie.  The three levels of Basketball are as follows:

General Club - More commonly known as G-Club, this entry level Basketball club is set to run similarly to intramurals.  G-Club is a friendly, non competitive time where students can come out and build their skills, while having fun at the same time.  Coaches at the G-Club level work with students to give them many the foundational skills that they will need moving forward.  There is a small fee to be part of G-Club which is meant mostly to cover treats and prizes for the kids who come out on a regular basis.  Visit the G-Club page for more information.

Development - More commonly known as the D-Team, this mid-level team plays games among other middle school D-teams.  This league also plays host to a 3-on-3 format of games which is meant to help players better understand what a foul looks like, and encourages them to call their own fouls.  These teams will be primarily made up of grade 7 students, but is always looking for the next batch of grade 6's to take up positions in the following season.  Coaches in this league work toward equal play time as mush as they can, and they primary objective is improving skill rather than winning games.

Representative - More commonly known as the Rep Team, this is the advanced Basketball team that represents Lakie within the LSAA league games and tournaments.  The Rep Team operates in competitive environment where wins and losses count.  Play time is NOT necessarily distributed equally among the players.  Any athlete who chooses to play on one of our two Rep Teams must sign a contract indicating that they understand that they may not get equal playing time.  Playing time must be earned through hard work, dedication, and most of all, skill.