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Gators Running Club

Almost as soon as school begins in the Fall, you can expect an announcement calling for all runners to come out for Running Club after school.  Each September, to coincide with the LSAA X-Country season, G.S. Lakie offers Running Club.  This club is an open invite for any and all students who want to get outside, get their cardio up, and have fun at the same time.  Running Club has some regular running routs that they take after school.  However, they will also periodically jump on the Lakie bus and head down the river bottom, over to Nicolas Sheran Park, or even  to the U of L indoor track to expand on their running experience.  Of course, all of this running is done in preparation for the upcoming X-Country qualifying meets.  Top performing runners at each X-Country meet are invited to test their endurance at the next level.  For more information on those next levels, please visit the links above for the "Lakie X-Country Run", "LSAA X-Country Run", and the "Zones X-Country Run".

Our running coaches for the Gators Running Club are Mrs. Coleby, Mr. Rickards, and Mrs. Dewacht.  All three of these coaches have plenty of running experience.  For our Gators who are just out for some fun exercise, they will make that happen.  For our Gators who want to push for personal bests and improve their endurance, they will be able to motivate and encourage you as well!

Please note that there is a small fee associated with being part of running club.  However, should your child qualify for the Zones X-Country meet, their registration cost for that event will be reduced because they were a Running Club member.

Running Club Calendar

Running Club Parent Letter