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General Club Volleyball

What is General Club Volleyball?

More commonly known as G-Club, this Volleyball club remains as an open invite to any and all players who would like to continue to hone their skills in the sport.  At G.S. Lakie, we strive to ensure that everyone who wants to play a sport is ALWAYS afforded that opportunity.  G-Club helps us fulfill that promise.  G-Club Volleyball is generally run at Lunch or after school, and is structured in a way that promotes skill development, while still having fun participating in the game of Volleyball.  Any student who signs up to be part of G-Club can expect a certain portion of practice time to be dedicated to drills and skill development, as well as a portion of time dedicated to games and scrimmages.  Our G-Club coaches may even organize games against other schools if the schedules permit.

For a full calendar of the practice times for G-Club Volleyball, please visit the Athletics Calendar above, or click on the following link:

Athletics Calendar