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Lakie X-Country Run

The G.S. Lakie X-County run takes place at Nicolas Sheran Park in early September each year.  The general purpose of Lakie's X-Country run is to determine who our finalists will be to represent Lakie on the Gators X-Country Running team at the LSAA event.  However, each year, we make sure that Lakie's X-Country run also coincides with the annual celebtration of Terry Fox, and we use the occasion to pay homage to a Canadian icon who truly lived the FISH philosophy.  

For Lakie's X-Country run, the whole school walks to Nicolas Sheran Park.  From there, we hold a series of races for each age category.  The top ten students from each category will then represent Lakie at the LSAA X-Country run.  

One of the neat things Lakie has been doing for the past few years, is having students remain at the park after their race.  As a school, we then partake in a series of fun activities with a Terry Fox theme.  This neat spin on an already fun event really helps build community among our staff and students early on in the school year, and it goes a long way at promoting the FISH philosophy here at Lakie.  Keep you fingers crossed for good weather!


Lakie's X-Counrty run will be held on - Friday, September 18th, 2020

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