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Each year, G.S. Lakie participates in the annual LSAA and South Zones X-Country runs.  In preparation for these two events, G.S. Lakie hosts an after-school Running Club which is open for any students who want to improve their long distance running ability.  Each LSAA school is allowed to bring ten runners in each category to complete in the LSAA X-Country Run.  In order to narrow the field of participants to ten runners, G.S. Lakie conducts its own school wide X-Country run at Nicolas Sheran Park.  On one of the first Friday's in September, the whole school walks down to the park to partake in the run.  Each student competes within their age category and the top ten finalists are then invited to represent Lakie as a Gator X-Country Running Team member in the LSAA event.  At the LSAA event, runners compete individually, to place as best they can against the top runners from across the city.  However, they are also competing as a team to gain points and possibly bring home the aggregate title for their age division.  Each of these events if a fun way to stay active, have fun, and take part in healthy competition.  We hope to see your child come out for running club int he fall, and hopefully they will be representing Lakie as a Gator in the LSAA or South Zones X-Country Runs.