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Developmental Team Basketball

What is Developmental Basketball?

More commonly known as the D-Team, this mid-level team plays games among other middle school D-teams.  This league also plays host to a 3-on-3 format of games which is meant to help players better understand what a foul looks like, and encourages them to call their own fouls.  These teams will be primarily made up of grade 7 students, but is always looking for the next batch of grade 6's to take up positions in the following season.  Coaches in this league work toward equal play time as mush as they can, and the primary objective is improving skill rather than winning games.

Our head coach for the Boys D-Team is Mr. Nick Rickards.  Mr. Rickards has been the head coach of our D-Team since he arrived at Lakie.  He strives to make Basketball a fun and fulfilling sport, while at the same time pushing players to better hone their skills and build their foundational knowledge.

2019 Boys D-Team Basketball Calendar Schedule

This year, some of our colleagues from Mike Mountain Horse Elementary have stepped up to help coach the Girls D-Team.  We are honored and thankful for their gift of time, and we look forwards to seeing how their program will continue to feed into ours here at Lakie.

 2019 Girls D-Team Basketball Calendar Schedule